Blockchain Architect Certification — Things to Consider Before Taking This Course

Troy Walter
4 min readMay 17, 2021

Industries all over the world are slowly opening up to the possibilities of adopting blockchain in their operations. Therefore, businesses need expert professionals with the right skills to help them capitalize on the benefits of blockchain. Blockchain technology can ensure that your information is safe, transactions are faster, and remove any third-party governing authority.

However, businesses need solid proof of a candidate’s blockchain expertise, and this is where the blockchain architect certification comes in. Many candidates are trying to grab the opportunity for a lucrative career in blockchain by becoming blockchain solution architects. However, there are many important concerns before taking a blockchain course to become a certified blockchain solutions architect. In this discussion, we have covered the important precautions before taking a blockchain solutions certification course.

Why Do You Need a Blockchain Certification?

The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect certification or CEBA certification on 101 Blockchains is a reliable instrument for building your career. With the facility of a comprehensive training course and the support of industry experts, CEBA certification is suitable for all blockchain career aspirants. As the rate of blockchain adoption continues to escalate, 101 Blockchains beings CEBA certification as promising support for your career.

On the other hand, is it so easy to qualify for this blockchain architect certification? Yes, you can qualify for the exam with proper guidance and training. However, there are many other things that you must take into account before taking up the blockchain solutions architect certification training course. Let us find out some of the important prerequisites you must fulfill before you think of blockchain solutions architect certification.

Blockchain Fundamentals

Well, this is not something new! When you want to become a certified blockchain solutions architect, you must know the fundamentals of blockchain. Rather than just scraping the surface of information available on blockchain, it is important to understand the technology thoroughly. Apart from the basic components and benefits, it is important to learn about the applications of blockchain in different industries.

Technical Essentials

Filling up your gray cells with definitions and terminologies related to a blockchain is not the only thing you need for blockchain solutions architect certification. You should understand the technical implications of blockchain that you would need as a solution architect. For example, you need to learn about distributed systems and to network along with cryptography for designing and deploying blockchain solutions.

Smart Contracts

When you move further on your path to achieve blockchain architect certification, you are likely to come across smart contracts. Smart contracts are promising tools for automation of different transactions. Smart contracts have profound significance in the world of blockchain as they help in removing the role of middlemen or intermediaries. However, you need to have prior knowledge and expertise in creating and executing smart contracts. Although you don’t need top-level expertise for the same, it is best that you review the basic structure and working of smart contracts.

Develop Programming Skills

If you think that blockchain solution design and development is something out of this world, then you need to think twice. Developing solutions on blockchain is just like the traditional software development routine. You have to write code for blockchain applications, and this is where you would need expertise in programming languages. Some of the most commonly recommended programming languages for beginners include Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, and Solidity. Furthermore, you can move towards advanced languages such as Python and JavaScript.

Knowledge of Platforms

Candidates aspiring for the role of certified blockchain solutions architect should also have a detailed impression of the enterprise blockchain platforms. Blockchain platforms could help you develop decentralized applications with ease. However, the capabilities of different platforms vary largely, and they are suitable for different use cases. For example, you can find Ethereum and Hyperledger as some of the common platforms used for developing blockchain-based solutions.

Final Words

On a final note, you can observe the level of skills and knowledge required for becoming a blockchain solutions architect. The benefits of 101 Blockchains CEBA blockchain architect certification definitely offer reliable prospects for all candidates. However, it is equally important to focus on preparing well for the training course.

You can ensure better chances of success in the certification exam by taking note of important prerequisites. Candidates with fluency in different fundamental concepts required for blockchain solutions architect certifications can easily come to terms with the certification objectives. So, go ahead and start preparing for the blockchain solutions architect certification of your choice right now!



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