Dairy Management System: Features, Benefits and Useful Panels

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Dairy Management System to Manage All Dairy Work

Dairy Management System is an application or software designed to manage activities related to your daily work such as milk collections from members, sales to the customer and plant and all the dairy-related processes. It became tough for dairy owners to manage all dairy work manually. To reduce manual work, A dairy management System can help to make day-to-day dairy related activities easier. It helps to maximize the profit by improving herd fertility.

You can also track the movement of raw material to the plant storehouse or milk procurement to the distribution of the product. The whole process you can manage with one app. Dairy software also assists in demand scheduling, plant system, reporting, and accounting.

Why we need Dairy management system:

To Manage various functions of Dairy, dairy owners need a dairy management system. it can ease a variety of a dairy process like cattle management, member management, report analysis, accounting and finance, milk supply and many more.

1. Facilitate easily maintenance o
2. Maintain Daily inventory reports and records of Members.
3.Quick access to all records.
4.Generate Regular basis Salary
5.Reduce manual work
6.Prevent and reduce human error
7. Record medical supplies with the use of feed stuff and the cost of medical treatment as well.
8. Help with the automatic registration of dairy people.
9. Allow multiple users to use the software at the same time.
10. Helping the dairy owner to mitigate the losses and increase productivity.

Problem-related to dairy management system:

1.Deterioration of perishable goods and items.
2.Unsatisfactory Quality and commodities.
3.Mismatch demand and supply. Some time demand for the product is more as compared to supply.
4. In India, only 15 % of the organization in dairy management are organized and the other 85% are unorganized
5.Long waiting time and inefficiency. Some times dairy is not managed properly so the farmer has to wait for a long time for selling their product.

Benefits of Dairy Management:

1. You can get day to day update of your dairy farm.
2. All information can be accessed at any time anywhere.
3. To improve capital and labor productivity.
4. You can identify top performing assets and Non-performing assets.
5.Bridge a gap between demand and supply

Limitation of the Dairy management system:

1. knowledge about computers.
2. Useful for only literate people.
3. The latest technology is involved so it required a high cost.
4. Not useful for every farmer/member.
5. A good internet connection is required. Without the internet, dairy work has been stopped.

Dairy management is useful for:

1.Dairy cooperation: If your dairy is a big organization and you manage a thousand of employees or a million liter of milk products, A dairy management system put you years ahead of your competition
2. Dairy owner: Dairy management system allows the dairy owner to automate the business to cut costs and increase productivity and save manpower.
3. Farm owner: Dairy management system can add multiple projects and manage all processes of each product through its great responsive database.

How to Registered as a member of dairy management :

Step1: First of all, the members have to go on the registration page.
Step2: Member is registered by Member Code, Member Name, Address, Milk Type, Mobile No., Email Address, Aadhaar Number, Bank Account Number, and Bank IFSC Code.
Step3: A user id and password should also be generated during member registration to log in to the member account in the future.

DMS has 5 kinds of user

USER 1: Dairy Admin:
1. Sales to the plant today: The total quantity of milk sold to the plant in a different region.
2. Local sales: It shows total sales done in every local area.
3. Payment Register: It shows the total amount of money pay according to the name of the person.
4. Dairy summary: It will show a total no of daily active members and inactive members, a member on credit or member on debt soon.

USER 2: Dairy Employee:

Dairy employees need to collect milk in the container and they also need to maintain record the information of the total quantity of milk collected from dairy.

USER 3: Dairy member:

A Dairy member is a person who provides milk to the dairy like -farmer/ cattle owner etc. A dairy member has to maintain the information related to
Milk Supply report :
Name of member
Date of milk supplied
Name of dairy
Total amount
Rate card Report:
FAT base
FAT and SNF base
Rate chart entry

Member Passbook: It displays the details of the member and type of milk preferred quantity and amount.
Payment report: After generating a member report with full detail the amount will be credited to their accounts.

User 4: Dairy Plant:

It displays the data the total number of plants incurred in one region and the quantity of milk supply in one region.

USER 5: DMS Admin Panel:
DMS admin panel can the record of the average sale on today, weekly, monthly etc.and these reports are maintained to known about the profit or loss of the company and total earning on a specific day, and balance sheet, etc.

So, if you are running a dairy business in your city, this dairy management system will definitely help you to manage all your work with 1 app to reduce manual work.



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