How I made $1 Million in 6 months using $799 Event Script

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Event Management Script

The Story

24th December 2021, Christmas eve. I had already lost >$150K in lost events, lost clientele, and advertising between 2019–2021. Unfortunately, I had to let go of some of my dearest colleagues and downsize my business in the winter of 2021.

If you ask me, it was pretty intense.

COVID-19 aftermath

I used to organize in-person and online events for our partners and clients in the upstate New York area but little did I know that COVID-19 would completely change the events landscape across America.

People were obviously scared to go to in-person events, and we can’t blame them either.

However, I and our investors were hopeful about the future. We knew that eventually, the markets will change, and I wanted to make sure that the transition to post-COVID event management was seamless.

The Solution

One of my good friends and business partner, Sam (name changed due to privacy reasons) suggested that I purchase a ready-to-deploy event management script on my domain to schedule and run my events business.

Then, I came across EventMie Pro Fully Loaded on Code Canyon. It was perfect!

Although most of the features were critical to our business (multiple types of tickets, tax definition, reserved seating, PayPal checkout, etc.), I needed integration with my Google Calendar and social media integrations.

And so, I connected with Deepak from Classiebit, and to be honest, I was really impressed with the team and their understanding of the events business. The team handled my queries really well and ensured that my requirements are well defined and understood.

And so I tested it out in the open market in mid-2022. And the results were not less than phenomenal.

I made $150000 in 15 minutes selling tickets for my event with this amazing event ticketing system.

Some key Stats

Source — Google Images

Below are some of my event names which got successful with the help of Eventmie Pro Fullyloaded.

· Ventura County Dog Fanciers Assoc

· Mission Circuit Dog Shows

· Bahia Sur KC

· Southbay Kennel Club


Group events in America are really dynamic. You need meticulous planning but more importantly, understand the customer’s perspective. That comes from experience.

These young guys have created something awesome in a reasonable price.

If you are an Event manager, Artist, Manager, or Event Management specialist and want to scale your business, I highly recommend you checkout EventMie Pro Fully Loaded.

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