How Much Cost is Required to Develop A Matrimonial App Like

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3 min readJun 27, 2019
Matrimonial App Like

Earlier, friends and families use to take the responsibility to get him/her a suitable match. But, now with the use of high technologies, people are developing the sites for marriage i.e., matrimonial sites where users can connect with their interests. In that, one is that is the world’s no.1 matrimonial site developed in 1997 by Anupam Mittal. The headquarter is India but it also operates globally in USA, UAE, UK, and Canada.

Matrimonial sites have all the necessary details of the bride/ grooms that make it easy to look at the details. Log in to these matrimonial sites is too easy. There are many sites who provide free membership but there are also sites that provide free as well as paid membership.

Benefits of matrimony app:-

More options- An online matrimonial app gives you the option to select the best life partner as per your choice.

Advanced technology- Many matchmaking sites use well-advanced technology to ensure that all users can find their perfect life partner. When you register the site your partner preference automatically be done so that you don’t have to go everyone’s profile.

Find the right match- This is the right platform to match other compatibility and like-minded. If you like someone then you have the option to go through his/her profile and check it. You can send the request.

Features of the matrimonial app:-

  • Login- It is easy to create a profile on the site using your contact no. and email-id.
  • Search- Users can search for their match by there location, religion, community, etc.
  • Connect/ Interact- Through all their personal details accordingly, they can connect with the members. They can chat and interact with each other through social media.
  • Privacy protection- User has the option of privacy they can secure their account and also change the personal details as per their preference.
  • 24*7 services- This option give a user to connect with the site and if any problem occurs it can be solved and the user can ask any query whenever they want.

Advanced features:-

GPS integration- Also known as city search where the user has the option to find their match according to their near location.

Matrimony messenger- Through an online, users can chat with their matches whenever they want.

In-app Camera- Where users can directly click the picture and share this picture to other profiles.

Blocking features- User has an option to block the other user from which the user is getting irritated.

Multiple payments- This feature gives the different types of payment modes that include, Braintree, PayPal, stripe, etc.

Technologies used to make app like

  • Mobile- Android, iOS
  • Push notification- Twilio,
  • SMS, Voice, and phone verification- Nexmo, Twilio, etc.
  • Real-time Analytics- Spark, BigData,Hadoop,etc.
  • Cloud environment- Google, AWS, etc.

Basic features of Online matrimonial app:-

Admin panel-

  • Login
  • User profile verification
  • Dashboard
  • Manage user
  • Manage new Invites
  • Manage success stories
  • Promotion
  • Smart search
  • Notification
  • Payment Gateway

User panel-

  • Login
  • Profile verification
  • Create a partner profile
  • Compatibility preference
  • Upload pictures
  • Accept a partner request
  • Membership package
  • Notification
  • Privacy and visibility setting

The cost of developing the matrimony app:-

There are various factors that will affect the cost of developing a matrimonial mobile app. The cost can increase or decrease as per the requirements. Around $3000-$5000 to make a simple app.

Some features that decide the cost of matrimony app-

  • App platform
  • Mobile app design
  • App size
  • App development team



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