How Much Does it Cost to Create a Mobile Wallet App-like Paytm

Why Paytm is a successful wallet app

Key Features to Develop an App like Paytm

Additional features

  • NFC: Near Field Communication (NFC) is one of the best technologies. You can use this for sharing the information and conveniently transferring the funds.
  • Bluetooth and iBeacon: It also identifies your nearby friends for making payments. The Bluetooth and the iBeacon technologies help to make the payment transfers very secured and fast.
  • QR Codes: People use these types of eWallet Mobile apps for making payments to the people they frequently meet. Users also pay the ones who are part of their workplace or social community. Such a type of mobile app just requires scanning the QR code of the other user’s smartphone, with whom you want to make transactions. You can do it in a smooth and simplified way.
  • Blockchain Applications: An eWallet Mobile App powered by the blockchain is one of the evolving trends for making payments. The reason being it is highly secured and immutable. Governmental organizations and financial institutions generally, use these mobile apps as they have to transfer a huge amount.
  • Payment App: Such eWallet Mobile Solutions suits best with the business requirements. Simply one business can partner with the other business and the local merchants and can transfer the cash effectively.

User Panel:

  • Registration of the users: This is the major section of a mobile application; the user can sign-in with the social network or email account credentials.
  • Authorize bank account: Users can select the bank details from which they want to make the transaction. They can register a particular bank account and can pay with it at any instant.
  • Add balance: The users can add a certain amount of balance in their account according to the need.
  • Check balance status: Once all the transactions are completed, the users can view their account balance and can check all the incoming and outgoing cash flows.
  • Transfer cash: The users can transfer the cash amount to the other concerned users by entering their account details. By doing so they are allowing the transactions effective and convenient.
  • Pay bills: Users can pay the bills via their registered bank accounts to maintain the track of all the cash flows conveniently.
  • Accept payments: They can receive the payments as well. Users can accept the payments in a secured manner simply by sharing their corresponding account details.
  • See offers: Under this section, users can see the offers and redeem the points as well while making the transactions.
  • Transaction history: The eWallet app records and tracks all the transactions by the users. A user can search for all the transactions with the advance filters from the transaction history.
  • Invite friends: Users can invite their friends as well for sending and receiving the funds. This way it gets easy for them to transfer the amount as and when required. This too, without asking for account details the very next day.

Admin Panel:

  • Dashboard: The admin can track and monitor all the users registered with the app, their profile and other basic information.
  • New offers: The admin manages all the new offers. He also governs and monitors offers related to the referrals, rewards, frequent transactions, etc, accordingly.
  • Manage the users: All the users that are associated with the mobile application and making the transactions are tracked and monitored by the admin.
  • Manage the contacts: Admin manages several things. These include all the users associated with the app, transaction frequency, user retention, and acquisition techniques…
  • Add/block features: According to the user behavior and as per the count of rejected or unauthorized payments processes admin can block the users.

Advance Features:

  • Geo-location: This is one of the great features of an eWallet Mobile App. Although, adding this feature will raise the cost of your mobile application, but then adding it will significantly raise the visibility and popularity of an app.
  • Data synchronization: Now while discussing the features of an eWallet Mobile App, the data synchronization is likely to play an important role. The app is synchronized with your registered social account network and the mobile number to deliver high-level security and accuracy.
  • Booking Calendar: So, with this feature users need not remember the date for making the transactions. On a particular date, automatically the alert is sent to the users.
  • In-app camera: The in-app camera comes as great use in the QR code scanning. With the help of an In-app camera, users can send the receipt of transactions to the other users.
  • Cloud operations: With the help of cloud operations, all the transactions can be stored in a safe and reliable form. The cloud operation helps in augmenting the quality standards of your app and enables the users to make the transaction in a very faster way.

Cost to create an app like Paytm

There are so many other features that will affect the cost of the app

  • Newsfeed/activity feed
  • Rating/review
  • User profile
  • Image manipulation
  • Barcode / QR code
  • OTP sending/reading
  • In-app calling and messaging
  • Secure data travel
  • Connect and third party API
  • Payments/earning
  • Third-party SDK
  • Usage Analytics
  • Intercom support
  • Crash report
  • Reporting

Technologies Required to Develop an App like Paytm

  • Bandwidth, Twilio — For Push Notifications
  • Nexmo — SMS, Voice and Phone Verification
  • Braintree & PayPal — For accepting payments
  • GWT — Powerful Programming
  • Datastax — for Data Management
  • Mandrill — everything related to emails
  • ZBar bar code reader- for scanning the QR code
  • Debian — The universal Operating System
  • Database — MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgres, MailChimp Integration
  • Cloud Environment — AWS
  • Amazon (Elastic Load Balancing, EC2, Route 53)
  • Atlassian JIRA
  • GitHub
  • Google (Cloud Messaging, Maps)
  • HTML5
  • Materialize
  • OpenResty
  • OpenSearch
  • Rollbar
  • WordPress.
  • App platform (Android, iOS, or Windows):




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Troy Walter

Troy Walter

Blogger and Entrepreneur since 2010. Helping startups and brands to get more leads and traffic with the help of digital marketing

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